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Complete responsive design, front and back end Wordpress development. Bespoke Logo and Rebranding

FX1 Oils

FX1 Oils FX1 Oils FX1 Oils
FX1 Oils FX1 Oils
FX1 Oils

About the Client

James Day (Lubricants) LTD are an East Wittering based company, working within various industries selling their revolutionary oil additive; FX1.

In the mid 1980's, Jonathan Bird decided to dedicate his life to the production of monomolecular friction modifier, working for him Headquarters in Watford, and his joint venture refinery in Holland. After meticulous research and unparalleled commitment of Jonathan and his team, they produced FX1 Oils- a range of performance additives designed to reduce friction on metal surfaces and all moving parts.

The Company's vision is to continue producing highly effective products designed to produce cleaner emissions and prolong engine's life.

About the Project

During the consultation stage of the design, we were asked to completely re-brand and redesign the website. Their old website used rather dated blue and yellow shades, which was unable to keep up with the times. Our task was to recreate a new, professional website, that still would be recognisable to their longer-term clients.

With the logo, our fabulous designer Polly created numerous variations for the client to choose from, and after their favourite was picked, Polly created more versions of that to use within the new site. For example, you will see the logo on the top left of the home page uses a different colour than the logo under the slideshow. We did this so if the background necessitated a different, non clashing colour, we would have a logo that we could use immediately.

The website, as the same with all of our bespoke sites, is AAA accessible and built in HTML5. For having a properly built website, Google will reward this company immensely. However, they are also aware that they must keep this website updated to maintain Google's interest.

Client satisfaction

James Day was kind enough to give us the following testimonial:

Access by Design have been a pleasure to work with during the development of our website, and have delivered a result far exceeding my expectations.

In addition to the website, Access by Design are able to use the high quality media within the site for multiple purposes including all manner of marketing material when we require it. Our staff have been trained, as part of the website build package, on the bespoke platform on which the website is administrated, giving us direct and intuitive control over our content. To have in house control of our website has been more liberating than expected and has given us real value by streamlining our website editing procedure.

Our Reps and Wholesalers like it a lot. I have had enquiries from older contacts who have seen the new site, that is probably down to the better accessibility of the site.

Thanks Clive and the team at Access by Design!

Best regards

James Bird

James Day (Lubricants) Ltd


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