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Blessings of Brighton

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Blessings of Brighton Blessings of Brighton Blessings of Brighton
Blessings of Brighton Blessings of Brighton
Blessings of Brighton

About the Client

Blessings of Brighton comprises two shops, one specialising in beautiful wedding dresses and the other providing beautiful clothes and accessories for ladies at weddings (such as the Mother of the Bride) and other functions. The business has been run by Karen Hackett for some years now and has built up a fantastic reputation for the quality of their dresses and the high level of personal attention given to their clients. They are proud to be an independent business and are able to supply from many of the major designers.

We were first introduced to them at a time when their previous website was causing them some serious issues. Unfortunately, although it looked stylish, it was built with obsolete code (as many websites are, even today) and was not  responsive. That, added to the fact that the website was completely inaccessible had led to their Google rankings dropping substantially.

Their shop is beautifully laid out and it gives exactly the right impression to prospective clients. They wanted their website to do the same and for everyone, regardless of the device that the website was being viewed on. As a web design Chichester company, specialising in accessible design, we understand the importance of these only too well!

About the Project

As with all of our clients, we undertook a consultation with Karen and produced a visual of how we envisaged the new website to look. There were some tweaks that were needed to be made before we got the final sign-off but it was important that we spent the time at this stage in getting it exactly right for them. If you do not do this, it is similar to having a small stone in your shoe: at first it is only a minor irritation but, if it is not removed, it becomes more and more irritating until it is a major problem!

Once Karen was happy to sign off, we proceeded with the build. It was important that all of the wedding dresses were shown off to their best advantage, so we spent the time creating a layout that was both easy to work with and looked stylish. It was also important that the site build was done in a way that would allow Karen a great deal of flexibility, as brands and styles change from year to year. We created a framework that allows Karen to have far more control than she has ever had previously. People use websites in different ways, so we wanted to make sure they could browse by designer, as well as by the type of clothing they were looking for. We created a carousel of designer logos under the main content to achieve this, in addition to the drop down menus.

After the build had progressed sufficiently, we trained Karen in how to manage the content of the website over a couple of sessions, with additional support until she felt comfortable working with the website. Once the content was completed by Karen, we put the website thorough our usual 82 checks and launched it. A beautiful site by Access by Design, a web design Chichester company that builds sites to last! We look forward to seeing her business grow in 2016, as she works with her website, adding content on a regular basis, keeping Google happy!

If you think we may be able to do something similar for your business, why not call our office on 01243 776399. Or, alternatively, drop us an email by following this link. We look forward to hearing from you!