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Arun Micro

Arun Micro Arun Micro Arun Micro
Arun Micro Arun Micro
Arun Micro

It’s not often that a company can claim that its products are “Out of this World” but, as far as Arun Micro are concerned, this claim can be fully justified! They are a small, independent company in Arundel, West Sussex that design and produce UHV Stepper Motor, Ion Gauge & Vacuum Measurement Devices to an incredibly high standard.

One of their devices is currently on Mars! To ensure that their equipment is able to withstand a 9 month journey through space and then still function perfectly after landing on Mars, they have to ensure that that their build quality is absolutely perfect.

They have a clean room where the equipment is built and tested and they have a device which simulates near-zero air pressure, to ensure that everything they produce is able to stand up to a very high level stress!

The website is built to their specific requirements, as are all of our bespoke websites. As well is being fully responsive and AAA accessible, the website’s content management system has been tailored to their specific requirements, to allow them to keep the site fresh and easy to use by both their existing clients and potential ones. One of the specific features is that the header area shrinks down to a much smaller size when you scroll down the page on a computer, try it for yourself and see!

One of the things we love is working with independent local businesses, creating unique websites that really do show them at their best whilst working on the widest range of devices possible. It’s a great conversation-starter, when we mention who one of our clients has got their products on the planet Mars!

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