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The Magic of Mushrooms are now selling online!

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The Magic of Mushrooms are now selling online! The Magic of Mushrooms are now selling online! The Magic of Mushrooms are now selling online!
The Magic of Mushrooms are now selling online! The Magic of Mushrooms are now selling online!
The Magic of Mushrooms are now selling online!

A really good news story in these dark times .....

It is just so difficult for every business at the moment, unprecedented challenges are hitting us every day. Businesses are struggling to make ends meet and the future is extremely uncertain.

More challenges than most

One of our clients, John and Richie from The Magic of Mushrooms, know about challenges, long before the current pandemic. They carve the most beautiful products out of wood: the quality and attention to detail of every one they make speaks for itself.

I published a case study back in January about how they had taken their old website down and attempted to run their business only through Facebook. The negative effect on the business was substantial but, a year after relaunching their business online presence through a Run Your Own Website, it had completely turned around and they had fantastic Google rankings.

What I barely mentioned at the time was the fact that Richie was born with no arms. He carves the wood with his feet. 

Think about that for a moment.

I have included a video here that is on their website, it really is worth a watch. Unless you were paying close attention, you may even think the close up shots are over his hands holding the mallet and chisel! He is truly remarkable and the quality of his work speaks for itself.

Trading on equal terms

The internet is a great leveller: anybody can trade on equal terms, regardless of their ability or disability. John and Richie had managed to grow their business whilst many competitors were reporting losses of between 30% and 60% on the previous year. In the previous case study, I had mentioned that they had wanted to take the next step and have a Run Your Own Website with integrated e-commerce. I am delighted to announce that the new site is now live!

Moving into online selling

John has always been very enthusiastic about his website and he soon became extremely adept at understanding how to work with WooCommerce, the e-commerce system we now use exclusively. Once the previous website was imported into what is, in effect, Version 2 of Run Your Own Website, John took to it extremely well, reorganising and redeveloping the content and adding a substantial amount of product detail!

Attention to every detail

Almost every product has got several, beautifully detailed photos and an accompanying video, showing off every aspect, so that customers can be extremely confident as to the quality of the product. Some of the products are heavy, which is reflected in the cost of postage but customers always have the option of picking up the products in person if they wish, saving on delivery charges.

We love this website, John and Richie have been an absolute pleasure to work with again and we believe that it both reflects their originality and quality. Do have a look and see if you agree! The website can be found at:

A previous article about this website and the fantastic progress it has made with Google in its first year can be found by following this link.

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I don't know if you are thinking about doing something differently yourself but, if you are, why not give us a call and we can arrange to meet with you over Zoom / Skype / Palantir and we can give you some guidance. 

(By the way, only a certain number of people reading this will get that last option!)

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