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Macrovegan take a step up to Option 6!  

Posted on 27 November 2020

Bill and Marlene are simply amazing. They are vegans with more than 70 years of experience between them. They have been on a mission to transform people’s lives through teaching and training. They have seen some of their clients have their lives transformed in ways they would not have thought possible and have built up a loyal following around the world. 

Challenges with their previous shopsite

We were delighted to create an Option 5 Run Your Own Website for them 2 years ago. At the time, they used Shopify to sell their online courses and their books. We were asked to maintain their Shopify site as they found it difficult to use, and we were happy to do so. I am afraid our experience of using Shopify was not a positive one. Apart from the fact that there was a lot of manual work involved when creating and managing products, the code quality itself was very poor.   

Google is very fussy about how many errors there are on a website. The more errors a website has, the more difficult it will be for customers to use. It might not work properly on some browsers or on certain devices and Google’s own reputation will suffer if poorly coded websites are given preference over ones that are coded properly. 

The shopsite was at least on a separate domain to their website (it was on rather than Google treats subdomains completely separately from the main domain, so at least it did not affect their rankings. However, going from their beautiful website to the shop was most definitely a step-down in terms of customer experience. 

What do we do differently with the shopsites we build?

During our work with the Wiston Estate, we really got to understand WooCommerce, which is the most popular e-commerce platform for WordPress. Building bespoke e-commerce websites can be difficult to do, which is why most designers will buy in a template from somewhere like Theme Forest. However, to ensure our high standards, we were always going to write our code for WooCommerce just like we would code our bespoke WordPress sites. 

Last year, we used the knowledge we had gain to develop our flagship product, Run Your Own Website so that WooCommerce could be fully integrated with it and it has proved to be very popular with our clients! 

An easy decision!

For Marlene and Bill, upgrading to an Option 6 was a logical step for them and we were delighted to launch their website recently.  They sell their courses and books online and the look, feel and code quality of their shop is now as high as the rest of their website! 

We would like to invite you to have a look for yourself and see what you think. The website can be found at  

Marlene and Bill have also been busy setting up a new not-for-profit organisation and that website will be launching soon! It goes without saying that is also built with Run Your Own Website! 

Can we help you as well?

If you would like a chat with us and see if we could help you, please do get in touch. You can call us on +44-1243-776399, send us an email by following this link:, contact us through social media or book yourself in for a chat: 

Clive Loseby 

Access by Design / Run Your Own Website. Award-winning web design, Chichester. 

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